Choose Auspicious Dates for Your Wedding- The Best Wedding Dates from Jan to March in 2021

A wedding is the union of two souls who take up the solemn vow to spend their lives together. It is indeed a special day hence you must pick the auspicious dates and the one that suits you and your guests’ schedule. And as per the Hindu culture, Shubh Vivah Muhurat is all you need to make your marriage turned out to the best in every aspect. Also, you must pick the dates early to avoid higher prices as it becomes really difficult at times to get the venue of your choice on the most auspicious wedding dates. So if you are someone who is planning to get married anytime soon, here we present you with the list of the best wedding dates from January 2021 to March 2021.

Wedding Dates in 2021

Best Wedding dates in January 2021

Are you someone who had to cancel their wedding due to a pandemic last year? If yes, here is your chance to start afresh your wedding prep. With a New Year come a new vibe and a whole lot of excitement which makes January an ideal time to pick for your wedding.

Here are some of the auspicious wedding dates in January 2021 that can you consider choosing: 

18th January 2021 (Monday)

20th January 2021 (Wednesday)

24th January 2021 (Sunday)

31st January 2021 (Sunday)

Best Wedding dates in February 2021

February- a month of love can add a lot of romance to your wedding celebration. Therefore, you must think about considering February for your wedding. Due to the pleasant weather, you can plan either day time or a night time wedding with a slight mist adding a splendid vibe to your celebration. You would definitely love the magic this month will add to your marriage.

Here are some of the auspicious wedding dates in February 2021 that can you consider choosing: 

1st February 2021 (Monday)

7th February 2021 (Sunday)

8th February 2021 (Monday)

14th February 2021 (Sunday)

15th February 2021 (Monday)

16th February 2021 (Tuesday)

21st February 2021 (Sunday)

22nd February 2021 (Monday)

28th February 2021 (Sunday)

Best Wedding dates in March 2021

If you want your wedding to be an extravagant affair and you need time for full-fledged planning, you might find March the perfect month to go for your wedding. Not too cold and not too hot, this month helps you with pleasant weather to host your ceremonies. Though there are not many auspicious dates available, we suggest you pick early to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Here are some of the auspicious wedding dates in February 2021 that can you consider choosing:

3rd March 2021 (Wednesday)

5th March 2021 (Friday)

8th March 2021 (Monday)

14th March 2021 (Sunday)

Those planning their wedding at the beginning of the year should definitely consider picking from these best wedding dates in 2021. For others, we will be updating our calendar soon to help you find the best wedding dates for 2021.