The Hindu Marriage dates “Wedding Calendar for 2023” is here! Block Your Dates Now!!!

A wedding is seen as a sacred union of two hearts that not only brings two individuals together. But this also brings their families closer together. In India, wedding ceremonies are arguably one of the most important events in a family’s life. And to relive it later, individuals put their best foot forward. One of the main reasons for this is that they are strongly ingrained in the culture. The traditions and rituals that make up an Indian marriage trace their roots to those golden years.

Planning a faultless wedding entails several phases, from selecting the finest wedding locations to hiring the best wedding photographers and perhaps even hiring the most incredible wedding coordinators and decorators. Choosing a wedding date is one of the most critical stages that should be at the top of your priority list. Being an Indian means understanding that the country has a diverse range of cultures and areas that the people follow. The Hindu calendar is followed by some, while others choose Hindu marriage dates based on long weekends, and still, others choose dates depending on the type of wedding they desire, such as a summery wedding, wintertime, or maybe even monsoon marriage.

Are you ready for the wedding season, fellas? Because we are more than ever as we bring to you the most-awaited wedding dates in 2023. Want to be a 2022-23 bride, then the first thing that you need to lock in is your wedding or marriage date! Deciding on a wedding date that both the families are willing to put a stamp on is so difficult. If you’ve decided or are planning to FINALLY tie the knot, then let our shubh vivah muhurat 2022-2023 guide come to your rescue and ease out the unnecessary stress of which date to finalize to tie the knot. Go ahead and block your dates now because 2023 is the year for you! Take a look at the auspicious Shubh Muhurat dates as well as what we recommend wedding dates for 2023 & find an ideal date to host your wedding ceremony.


Here are the most auspicious dates of the wedding dates in 2023 followed by a month-wise calendar.

Dev Uthani – 4th November 2022, Friday
Basant Panchami – 26th January 2023, Thursday
Phulera Do0j- 21st February 2023, Tuesday
Akshay Trithiya – 23rd April 2023, Sunday
Badli Navami – 27th June 2023  , Tuesday


Hindu Wedding Dates For July 2022 (Shubh Vivah Muhurat July 2022)

If you’ve always dreamt of taking pheras under the godly showers, July is the month for you. You can have a beach-side wedding with the perfect backdrop of rains meeting the sea. The wedding dates are limited and up for grabs so choose your date wisely- out of the  best dates mentioned here.

High Auspicious Dates July 2022
03rd July 2022 ( Sunday )
05th July 2022 ( Tuesday )
06th July 2022 ( Wednesday )
08th July 2022 ( Friday )


Shubh Muhurat Dates July 2022
07th July 2022 ( Thursday )
13th July 2022 ( Wednesday )
14th July 2022 ( Thursday)


Hindu Wedding Dates For August 2022 – No Muhurat

Shubh Muhurat Dates August 2022
28th August 2022 ( Sunday )


Hindu Wedding Dates For September 2022 – No Muhurat

Shubh Muhurat Dates September 2022
01st September 2022 (Thursday)
02nd September 2022 (Friday)
03rd September 2022 (Saturday)
04th September 2022 (Sunday)
05th September 2022 (Monday)


Hindu Wedding Dates For October 2022 – No Muhurat

Shubh Muhurat Dates October 2022
09th October 2022 (Sunday)
21st October 2022 (Friday)

These are the dry months as far as weddings are concerned. There are no auspicious wedding dates for a wedding in these three months as per the hindu vivah muhurat 2022.Don’t be sad because that doesn’t mean you cannot host a wedding without muhurats. Just ask a renowned pandit for the dates you shouldn’t get married on and pick the dates on which you can.


Hindu Wedding Dates For November 2022 (Shubh Vivah Muhurat November 2022)

The sweet winter winds generally kick start the wedding season in this month of the year. After a long gap, the wedding season hits off. So, for those who are planning a November wedding, grab these dates months before as they are always going to be sold out. So, due to very few date availability and heavy traffic, you will need to make your bookings ASAP!!!

High Auspicious Dates November 2022
21st November 2022 ( Monday )
23rd November 2022 ( Wednesday )
24th November 2022 ( Thursday )
25th November 2022 ( Friday )
27th November 2022 ( Sunday )


Shubh Muhurat Dates November 2022
02nd November 2022 ( Wednesday )
03rd November 2022 ( Thursday )
04th November 2022 ( Friday )
05th November 2022 ( Saturday )
06th November 2022 (Sunday )
11th November 2022 ( Friday )
12th November 2022 ( Saturday )
18th November 2022 ( Friday )
19th November 2022 ( Saturday )
20th November 2022 ( Sunday )
28th November 2022 (Monday)
30th November 2022 ( Wednesday )


Hindu Wedding Dates For December 2022  (Shubh Vivah Muhurat December 2022)

The last month of the year is the most favorable for weddings. It is full of fun, celebrations, holidays and so many people prefer December weddings. With guests snuggling in the blankets, sipping kulhad chai and shaadi waali coffee, winter weddings are hard to resist!

So, if you want to have a cozy and romantic wedding then December is the month for you.

High Auspicious Dates December 2022
02nd December 2022 ( Friday )
07th December 2022 ( Wednesday )
08th December 2022 ( Thursday )
09th December 2022 ( Friday )
14th December 2022 ( Wednesday )


Shubh Muhurat Dates December 2022
03rd December 2022 ( Saturday )
04th December 2022 ( Sunday )
05th December 2022 ( Monday )
10th December 2022 ( Saturday )
11th December 2022 ( Sunday )
17th December 2022 ( Saturday )
28th December 2022 ( Wednesday )
30th December 2022 ( Friday )


Hindu Wedding Dates For January 2023  (Shubh Vivah Muhurat January 2023)

The beginning of the year is an auspicious time for you to mark the beginning of your forever after too.If you are a lover of winter weddings and have your velvet lehenga and velvet outfits ready with full-sleeve blouse designs to go with, then January is the best time for you to get hitched.To help you celebrate your love on this internationally acclaimed month, here are the auspicious marriage dates.

High Auspicious Dates January 2023
15th January 2023 (Sunday)
18th January 2023 (Wednesday)
20th January 2023 (Friday)
25th January 2023 (Wednesday)
26th January 2023 (Thursday)
27th January 2023 (Friday)
30th January 2023 (Monday)


Shubh Muhurat Dates January 2023
1st January 2023 (Sunday) – New Year
6th January 2023 (Friday)
13th January 2023 (Friday) – Lohri
28th January 2023 (Saturday)


Hindu Wedding Dates For February 2023  (Shubh Vivah Muhurat February 2023)

With February comes Valentine’s week which is a hot favorite among couples when it comes to tying the knot. This month of love, February of 2023 is filled with auspicious wedding dates with even a muhurat falling on Valentine’s Day.Due to the pleasant weather, you can plan either day time or a nighttime wedding with a slight mist adding a splendid vibe to your celebration.T o help you celebrate your love on this internationally acclaimed month, here’s a list of auspicious wedding dates.

High Auspicious Dates February 2023
6th February 2023 (Monday)
7th February 2023 (Tuesday)
9th February 2023 (Thursday)
10th February 2023 (Friday)
12th February 2023 (Sunday)
13th February 2023 (Monday)
14th February 2023 (Tuesday)
16th February 2023 (Thursday)
22nd February 2023 (Wednesday)
23rd February 2023 (Thursday)
27th February 2023 (Monday)
28th February 2023 (Tuesday)


Shubh Muhurat Dates February 2023
5th February 2023 (Sunday)
17th February 2023 (Friday)
18th February 2023 (Saturday) – Mahashivratri

24th February 2023 (Friday)


Hindu Wedding Dates For March 2023  (Shubh Vivah Muhurat March 2023)

If you want your wedding to be an extravagant affair and you need time for full-fledged planning, you might find March the perfect month to go for your wedding. Not too cold and not too hot, this month helps you with pleasant weather to host your ceremonies.  So, whether you’re expecting an outdoor wedding or a destination marriage, we’ve got the holy wedding dates for you., to  pick early to avoid any last-minute hassle.

High Auspicious Dates March 2023
6th March 2023 (Monday)
9th March 2023 (Thursday)
11th March 2023 (Saturday)

13th March 2023 (Monday)


Shubh Muhurat Dates March 2023
1st March 2023 (Wednesday)
7th March 2023 (Tuesday)
8th March 2023 (Wednesday) – Holi

10th March 2023 (Friday)

30th March 2023 (Thursday) – Ram Navami


Hindu Wedding Dates For April 2023  (Shubh Vivah Muhurat April 2023)

Spring is a beautiful month for weddings. With summers officially kicking in, there are so many reasons to have a spring/summer wedding. April is mostly a promising month to get married but with only few Saya dates this year the Vivah Muhurats are scarce this time.

High Auspicious Dates April 2023
23rd April 2023  (Sunday)
30th April 2023 (Sunday)


Shubh Muhurat Dates April 2023
5th April 2023 (Wednesday)
7th April 2023 (Friday)

8th April 2023 (Saturday)

9th April 2023 (Sunday)


22nd April 2023  (Saturday)


29th April 2023 (Saturday)


Hindu Wedding Dates For May  2023  (Shubh Vivah Muhurat May 2023)

This month has the maximum number of wedding muhurat dates. With only one month amid Summer, this month is a time to rejoice with over 10+ wedding dates that you can tie the knot on. While this is a month where most weddings happen, make sure you prep well before as vendors will be high in demand during this month.

High Auspicious Dates May 2023
3rd May 2023 (Wednesday)
5th May 2023 (Friday)

6th May 2023 (Saturday)

8th May 2023 (Monday)


9th May 2023 (Tuesday)


10th May 2023 (Wednesday)
11th May 2023 (Thursday)
15th May 2023 (Monday)

16th May 2023 (Tuesday)

20th May 2023 (Saturday)

21st May 2023 (Sunday)

22nd May 2023 (Monday)

29th May 2023 (Monday)

30th May 2023 (Tuesday)


Shubh Muhurat Dates May 2023
2nd May 2023 (Tuesday)

7th May 2023 (Sunday)


Hindu Wedding Dates For June 2023  (Shubh Vivah Muhurat June 2023)

The closing chapter of the first half of the year, June is a great time for weddings for couples who like a slight nip in the air yet all the beauty of summer. If you are someone who loves summers then you can plan a destination wedding and all your friends and families can join and enjoy.

High Auspicious Dates June 2023

1st June 2023 (Thursday)

3rd June 2023 (Saturday)

5th June 2023 (Monday)

6th June 2023 (Tuesday)

7th June 2023 (Wednesday)

11th June 2023 (Sunday)

12th June 2023 (Monday)

23rd June 2023 (Friday)

26th June 2023 (Monday)


Shubh Muhurat Dates June 2023

21st June 2023 (Wednesday)

28th June 2023 (Wednesday)
29th June 2023 (Thursday)
30th June 2023 (Friday)

Now that you have a better idea of the best wedding dates in 2023, we are sure that you are all set to finalize your wedding date and all you need to do is send your ‘save the dates’ to your wedding guest list. We are sure this calendar will help you finalize your dates but please keep in mind the season you want to pick for your wedding. No matter which date you set for your wedding, we know that it will be beautiful. Wish you a very very happy wedding in 2023!