#MehndiPoseAlerts: Poses with Mehndi that you must Bookmark!

A wedding takes a lot of planning and time. By the time, the moment of celebration comes, you are left with no energy to focus on other things, which might look small but matters a lot later. One such thing is the picture from your wedding and wedding nuptials. It is the wedding pictures that help you re-live the best time of your life, so why not make it special by planning it, just like all the other major aspects of your sangeet celebration?

Let’s start with bookmarking some of the trendiest, uber-cool, and super-fun bridal mehndi poses to give for your wedding album on your Mehndi Day!

Scroll down to find some of the amazing bridal Mehndi poses for your celebration:

#1 An obvious one! – Capture the time when you apply bridal mehndi on your hand

bridal mehndi (1) bridal mehndi (2)

#2 One with the coffee mug to flaunt the Mehndi

flaunt the Mehndi (1) flaunt the Mehndi (2)

#3 A perfect pose for the coy brides

perfect pose (1) perfect pose (2)

#4 A little focus won’t harm!

little focus (1) little focus (2)

#5 Adorn your Mehndi wale haath with intricate floral jewelry!

Mehndi wale haath (1) Mehndi wale haath (2)

#6 How about posing with your bae for a perfect mehndi shot?

perfect mehndi shot (1) perfect mehndi shot (2)

#7 Let your mehndi do the talking ;)

mehndi do the talking

#8 Dance with your hands up and flaunt your mehndi laden hands

mehndi laden (1) mehndi laden (2)

#9 Make a heart with your mehndi wale haath!

Mehndi wale haath (1) Mehndi wale haath (2)

#10 Pose with your amazing girl squad

girl squad (1) girl squad (2)

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