Colors that will make a Perfect Choice for Weddings in 2021

Color conceptualization is very integral to the whole idea revolving around the wedding setup. Color plays a pivotal role in setting the right ambiance and aura of the venue and so its selection must involve a good amount of deliberation. From the color of the dazzling wedding attires of the bride and the groom to the elaborate decorations and arrangements, everything thing calls for attention to turn the d-day into a most awaited dream come true-like experience.

So if you are wondering what all colors you need to pick and play with this wedding season, we have amazing list of hues for you. Believe us; you will love the vibe these colors will create for your wedding:

Vibrant Yellow

The color of sunshine and all that’s bright, you can select yellow as your wedding color. The shade is known as PANTONE-13 0647 Illuminating and it does give that illuminating effect to everything. Especially if it’s a morning wedding function, this can turn out to be the best selection and make everything look gorgeous and elegant.

Vibrant yellow (1) Vibrant yellow (2) Vibrant yellow (3) Vibrant yellow (4) Vibrant yellow (5) Vibrant yellow (6) Vibrant yellow (7)

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Blush Pink

The color of new life and freshness, nothing can be more suitable than this color to turn everything lovely and mesmerizing on your wedding day. A beautiful bride in blush pink attire is like a real-life fairytale princess. A color so soothing yet so striking, this pastel shade of blush pink can also make the wedding décor look heavenly.

blush pink (1) blush pink (2) blush pink (3) blush pink (4) blush pink (5) blush pink (6) blush pink (7) blush pink (8)

Powder Blue

It is the color of sophistication and style and will surely rule all arrangements this wedding season. A color so subtle and graceful, it can be used in various wedding decorations and in the wardrobe of the bride and groom to bring a unique feel to everything. Choose powder blue as the theme color and witness a sheer amalgamation of elitism with warmth.

powder blue (1) powder blue (2) powder blue (3) powder blue (4) powder blue (5) powder blue (6) powder blue (7) powder blue (8)

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Lavender is the color that has always found a special place when it comes to something fresh and thriving. It is the new craze amongst this generation of would-be couples. So, if you are planning to take the nuptial vows this year, you can consider Lavender as the theme color and keep all the aspects in tune with this shade. What can be more refreshing than seeing the newlyweds dressed in this attire to break the monotony?

lavender (1) lavender (2) lavender (3) lavender (4) lavender (5) lavender (6) lavender (7) lavender (8)


Yes, the very mention of this color in this particular section may seem a bit weird for you because marriage is all about loud and cheerful colors. But this color is gradually emerging as a new wedding color. More and more couples are incorporating it in their wedding plannings and arrangements. Everything turns tranquil and elegant with this color dominating the decors and other wedding aspects.

grey (1) grey (2) grey (3) grey (4) grey (5) grey (6) grey (7)

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