Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2021- Find the best time to plan your wedding!

2020 was a challenging year for many. Despite Covid-19, many people got tied in wedlock while some had to postpone their plans for the next year. Since a wedding holds great value and significance in everyone’s life, it has to be special in every aspect. Especially when it comes to choosing your wedding date, make sure it is auspicious. And as per the Hindu Culture, Shubh Vivah Muhurat is the most auspicious time to get married and is the best time to enter into a new life. So if you are someone, whose wedding is due in 2021 and if you are looking for the best marriage dates in 2021, we have got your back!

No matter if you pick the most auspicious dates of the year or pick the dates as per your preferred months, marrying at these auspicious dates will definitely bring fruitful results in your marriage. Scroll down to find out the best marriage date for your wedding!

5 Most Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2021 to consider for your wedding:

16th February 2021 (Tuesday) – Basant Panchami

15th March 2021 (Monday) – Phulera Dooj

14th May 2021 (Friday)- Akshaya Tritiya

18th July 2021 (Sunday) – Badli Navmi

15th November 2021 (Monday) – Dev Uthani


Best Wedding Dates in January 2021

With a new year comes new hope and you stay excited about a lot of things. As it brings so much excitement to mind, January makes the perfect month to start a new journey of your life and get married. So if you wish to get married as soon as the New Year begins, these are the most auspicious wedding dates in January.

Wedding Dates in January 2021

1st January 2021 (Friday)

2nd January 2021 (Saturday)

14th January 2021 (Tuesday)

15th January 2021 (Friday)

16th January 2021 (Saturday)

17th January 2021 (Sunday)

18th January 2021 (Monday)

19th January 2021 (Tuesday)

20th January 2021 (Wednesday)

21st January 2021 (Thursday)

23rd January 2021 (Saturday)

24th January 2021 (Sunday)

31st January 2021 (Sunday)

Best Wedding Dates in February 2021

If January is too early for you to plan your wedding, February would make the perfect month for you to get hitched. The light winters, soothing breeze, and the ambiance this month brings is simply magical. Moreover, the month has so many auspicious wedding dates to consider for your marriage.

Wedding Dates in February 2021

1st February 2021 (Monday)

7th February 2021 (Sunday)

8th February 2021 (Monday)

14th February 2021 (Sunday)

15th February 2021 (Monday)

16th February 2021 (Tuesday) – Basant Panchami

21st February 2021 (Sunday)

22nd February 2021 (Monday)

28th February 2021 (Sunday)

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Best Wedding Dates in March 2021

Though this month does not have too many wedding dates, it has one of the most auspicious dates available on 15th March 2021. So if you wish to have your wedding taking place in moderate weather when it is not too hot or not too cold, March is that month for you.

Wedding Dates in March 2021

3rd March 2021 (Wednesday)

5th March 2021 (Friday)

8th March 2021 (Monday)

14th March 2021 (Sunday)

15th March 2021 (Monday)- Phulera Dooj

Best Wedding Dates in April 2021

Another pleasant time of the year when you can plan your wedding without any hassle, April is a perfect month for your wedding. Luckily you have plenty of auspicious wedding dates available this month for you to choose from.

Wedding Dates in April 2021

16th April 2021 (Friday)

17th April 2021 (Saturday)

22nd April 2021 (Thursday)

24th April 2021 (Saturday)

25th April 2021 (Sunday)

26th April 2021 (Monday)

27th April 2021 (Tuesday)

28th April 2021 (Wednesday)

29th April 2021 (Thursday)

30th April 2021 (Friday)

Best Wedding Dates in May 2021

May is that time of the year that calls for the onset of summer. Pleasant weather, soothing ambiance, and a burst of refreshing summer sunshine makes for perfect weather in May for your wedding. Here, we are sharing the best wedding dates in May for you to pick:

Wedding Dates in May 2021

1st May 2021 (Saturday)

2nd May 2021 (Sunday)

3rd May 2021 (Monday)

7th May 2021 (Friday)

8th May 2021 (Saturday)

9th May 2021 (Sunday)

13th May 2021 (Thursday)

14th May 2021 (Friday)- Akshaya Tritiya

21st May 2021 (Friday)

22nd May 2021 (Saturday)

23rd May 2021 (Sunday)

24th May 2021 (Monday)

26th May 2021 (Wednesday)

27th May 2021 (Thursday)

28th May 2021 (Friday)

29th May 2021 (Saturday)

30th May 2021 (Sunday)

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Best Wedding Dates in June 2021

If you are someone who wishes to host their wedding in the summer, June would make a perfect time. This is also the best time for those who want to have destination weddings. So what are you waiting for? Book the date that best suits your needs and get going!

Wedding Dates in June 2021

3rd June 2021 (Thursday)

4th June 2021 (Friday)

5th June 2021 (Saturday)

16th June 2021 (Wednesday)

19th June 2021 (Saturday)

20th June 2021 (Sunday)

21st June 2021 (Monday)

22nd June 2021 (Tuesday)

23rd June 2021 (Wednesday)

24th June 2021 (Thursday)

30th June 2021 (Wednesday)


Best Wedding Dates in July 2021

July is the ideal month for a full-blown monsoon wedding. The light showers that this month receives add a dose of freshness to your celebration and make it a fun and memorable affair for everyone who is a part of the celebration.

Wedding Dates in July 2021

1st July 2021 (Thursday)

2nd July 2021 (Friday)

7th July 2021 (Wednesday)

13th July 2021 (Tuesday)

15th July 2021 (Thursday)

16th July 2021 (Friday)

20th July 2021 (Tuesday) – Ekadashi


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Wedding Dates in August October 2021

Note – There is no auspicious dates available in the month of August, September, and October. 

Best Wedding Dates in November 2021

November is the month that has the most auspicious dates due to which it witnesses a large number of weddings every year. So hurry up and book the wedding venue of your choice now before all the dates get booked. To exchange vows on the most auspicious date, you can plan your wedding on 15th November, which is falling on the occasion of Dev Uthani, which makes this day a perfect time to get hitched. There are also many other dates available for you to pick.

Wedding Dates in November 2021

15th November 2021 (Monday) – Dev Uthani

16th November 2021 (Tuesday)

20th November 2021 (Saturday)

21st November 2021 (Sunday)

28th November 2021 (Sunday)

29th November 2021 (Monday)

30th November 2021 (Tuesday)


Best Wedding Dates in December 2021

The season of fun and celebration, December is again a month that sees a large number of celebrations and weddings. If you wish to have a winter wedding in 2021, this month would be your perfect pick. So pick the best date and the best wedding venue and host your wedding celebration in style.

Wedding Dates in December 2021

1st December 2021 (Wednesday)

2nd December 2021 (Thursday)

6th December 2021 (Monday)

7th December 2021 (Tuesday)

8th December 2021 (Wednesday)

11th December 2021 (Saturday)

13th December 2021 (Monday)

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