Tivoli Pushpanjali- The Best Wedding Venue In Dwarka

Finding a wedding venue in Dwarka is undoubtedly the most exciting part of any wedding. But to find the right venue, all it requires is to have patience, and pick a wedding venue that fulfills all your requirements. Go for a wedding venue in Dwarka that can help you arrange the complete wedding, reception, lunch, dinner, dance, sangeet, and Haldi ceremony impeccably. One such wedding venue is Tivoli Pushpanjali that has everything to meet your requirements. A 5- star property located in Airport Dwarka Link Road in Delhi, this venue will cater all your needs.

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The best thing about this wedding venue is that it is located at a distance of just 4Km from IGI Airport, New Delhi and 7Km from the Domestic Airport. The beauty of this wedding venue lies in its location. Situated amidst the lush green surroundings, Tivoli Pushpanjali provides you with best amenities, premium catering and world-class responsibility that makes the venue an ideal choice to host your life-events. Its close proximity to the airport also makes it convenient for guests to reach the venue.

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Best-in-class amenities & services

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The cooperative and friendly staff at this upscale wedding venue in Dwarka is well-trained and has years of experience. They are trained to help you deliver exactly what you want and will handle all your events seamlessly.

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Some of the best amenities and facilities available at Tivoli Pushpanjali Dwarka include:

  • The property offers adequate parking space for up to 300 cars.
  • A luxurious room equipped with modern amenities available with 24-hour room service.
  • The beautifully designed infrastructure consists of a banquet hall and a lush green lawn.
  • The venue also has air-conditioned pandal area of 10,000 square feet.

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So if you want your wedding to be perfect and just right, here’s your chance to do it with Tivoli Pushpanjali. All you need to do is to book the venue as per your wedding date and turn it into a wedding of your dreams.