Stunning Candle Decor Ideas to Make your Wedding Décor Trendy

Candles have unmatched charm and elegance. They also are an integral part of Indian celebrations and festivities. Other than lighting up a place in a classical and exemplary way, certain types of candles are eco-friendly too creating a perfect harmony with nature. What better way to begin your new life than lighting up your marriage venue with the right candles? They are simple, not as expensive as other decor items and undoubtedly they are unparalleled in beautifying a place and making it look stylish.  They are also supremely romantic with a mystical aura about them that makes them more enchanting and enthralling.

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Here are some decor ideas that centre on using candles at a marriage venue:

  • One of the trendiest ways to decorate your wedding venue is to use candles to light up the Candles can be hung in geometric orbs or can be hung from fixtures above like the chandeliers that already have special grooves for candles, making the place look awesomely perfect and charming. There are many novel hanging items available in the market that when done up well can replicate the look of stars from the sky. It is also a concept that not many are using in the country at the present and hence can go a long way in making your wedding a unique event and a trend-setter amongst your family and friends.

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  • Adding candles to the open spaces. Weddings in India typically happen in a farm, lawn, garden or open area – at least the reception and the main ceremony happens out in the open. In order to make the space look grand and classy, it is good to cut down on the electric lighting and add candlelight to the area. Especially when these dainty looking candles are matched with metallic-edged mantels, they look really smart. Candles in glass vases placed out in the open lawn, surrounded by greenery can do wonders to the venue.

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  • Placing candles on tables to create an old-world look is also a gorgeous idea. Whether kept in small glass vases or in mini metallic vessels, when placed on the guest tables, they add ounces of warmth and comfort to the place while looking classy and magical.

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  • At the entrance of the venue and along the corridor. Again, use of candles minimizes the use of lights. These elegant looking candles create a heavenly experience for guests as they enter the venue amidst the burning flames and twinkle of candles all around. It is mesmerizing as they walk through the passage to reach the bride and the groom on the stage. The entire show of candles can look majestic under a sky full of stars, both entities sparkling away in the twilight of an eventful night.

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  • How can we forget the staircase? If there are stairs inside the venue, then the contour needs to be highlighted by using these magical candles. Candle-lined steps can make the setup look quite dreamy and grandiose!

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  • Adding candles to empty spaces in the venue. Whether open or closed, if the venue has lots of unoccupied spaces, they can be filled up aptly by using bigger sized candles in the corners making the decor look quite striking and remarkable.

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  • Adding candles to the mandap and the garland stage. Make these special areas more meaningful and momentous by adding in specks of candles to them. With their mystique and charisma, the pious places associated with the wedding vows will get sanctified and help create memorable moments forever.

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  • The photo booth. This is the place where great memories would be made. From the newlywed couple to their family members, relatives and friends everyone will be clicked here in poses that would get embedded in history forever. Why not make it momentful by adding rows and rows of candles to the booth providing the perfect background to capture some great photographic moments.

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  • In order to make the decor of the event create long-lasting impressions on guests use creative fixtures to do up the centrepieces and tables in the sitting area for guests.

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  • Last but not the least; let these candles add more ambience to the bar and the buffet area, helping set in the right party mood for the evening.

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