The Fairytale Wedding of Divyanka Tripathi

For every bride, her wedding is the most special day of her life and she dreams of making it the most memorable event. And this is what exactly happened in case of television star Divyanka Tripathi. Starting with her engagement to her beau Vivek Dahiya to her pre-wedding shoot, everything was well-planned. Not to forget her grand wedding on July 8th, 2016 and the equally amazing reception in Chandigarh.

Divyanka tripathi wedding

Let us walk down the memory lane of this year’s most talked about wedding…

Divyanka Wedding

The engagement was a pleasant surprise for all her fans

Divyanka Pre Wedding Shoot Engagement

An awesome pre-wedding shoot reflecting the happiness of this very much in love couple

Divyanka Wedding Images

The color of happiness is totally visible on the face of this soon to be bride

Divyanka Tripathi Wedding Pics

All ready to welcome her groom

Divyanka Tripathi Husband

Promising to be always together

Divyanka Tripathi

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Dahiya

Divyanka Vivek After Marriage Pics

The wedding reception was a grand affair

Divyanka Vivek Tripathi Moments

And happily ever after….