Wedding Decor: All That You Have to Know

Keep a window of 4-5 months to plan the entire wedding decor, also keep enough room for last minute glitches and quickies. Don’t freak out. Few things are meant to go wrong.

Firstly, get an idea of the whole ceremony. If you want a theme wedding decor, draw out a picture of every entity that will constitute the theme. It will be a starting point of everything. Plan everything out according to the venue, so it is essential to settle on a venue beforehand. Flowers are an important factor. Chalk out which kind you want. Luxurious exports nowadays give way to lot many varieties apart from the traditional marigolds. Consult some good florists just in case. Don’t forget that invitations are an integral part of the ceremony, through which everyone you invite will get an idea of what exactly is going to happen in the function and portrays the excitement the invitees will bring to the wedding. Make it a point to send out the invitations around 6-8 weeks before the ceremony. They set the ultimate tone of your wedding, a little caution and creativity is required hence.

Know that it is all about presentation. Food and catering takes about half of your budget, hence give enough time to decide what to be served. Attractive presentation: be it in terms of a buffet or a feast, the selection of meal courses makes wedding a large affair that it is.

Last, but not the least, if you can’t wrap your head around few aspects of it, get a good wedding decor planner. There are a lot of agencies doing quality wedding decor in Delhi. For more information, check out: