Fun Ideas for Decorating Delhi Banquet Halls & Making Your Banquet a place of reminiscence

Banquet Halls in Delhi are galore and if you’ve just hired one for your special day, you are on the right page to prep it up for the D day! Hundreds of varied decor ideas can be employed to do up delhi banquet halls. You could go for a traditional look & feel, a fun filled theme, photo art or some exclusive lighting to do the trick for you.

The New but Traditional Look
Traditional decorations can be brought up to date by giving a new style to it. You can employ a clever decor artist that can create unique and modern displays in your banquet hall colors. A truly traditional yet elegant decoration is the classic drape and adding these to your theme and you can be sure of creating a real effect. You can even decorate the plainest chair with material ribbons and fabric bows to make them work as part of the whole room decoration.

The Fun Filled Look
Why not add a bit of zing to your Delhi banquet halls decor by hanging strings of faux crystals down the walls. Another way to decorate banquet halls in Delhi is to have an ice sculpture that also doubles up as a way to serve your guests with a shot of liquor. Very dramatic and great fun. Along the same lines is a chocolate fountain.

Decorations that suit your budget
Not having a large budget wouldn’t be a hindrance if you get slightly creative with your decorations. An effective yet simple solution is spray painted twigs in a vase with colored pebbles. Paper or cloth napkins are a great way to add on to your table’s decor. So do not hesitate in spending a bit on getting designer napkins & tissues for your tables. Making this small expenditure can render a completely changed look to delhi banquets where your guests do pay attention to minute details such as this.

Creating magic through photo art
A great way to decorate and personalize the decoration of your banquet hall is to do some creative work with photographs of both families. Think wedding nostalgia and put up chic wedding photos and other pictures from generations that have gone by.

Make Lighting play a crucial role
Effective & stylized lighting can have a great impact if implemented thoughtfully. Great ideas for a decorating banquets in Delhi and lavish Delhi banquets include a fairy light ceiling to give a starlight effect or you could add colored and dimmed fade in fade out lights for a subtle look and feel.