Decorating Banquets Halls in Delhi– Not a Tough Chore

If you plan properly and then decorate the banquets in Delhi, then obviously you are going to succeed in your mission. A few tips have been mentioned regarding how to decorate banquets halls in Delhi. Do follow them.

Decorating Banquets in Delhi are fun, but at the same time if not done with a proper planning, then it can become stressful as well. Make your job easier by searching some ideas regarding how to decorate banquet halls in Delhi well in advance. Don’t go for a hit and trial, rather stick to those decorations that are very simple to do yet give a charming and elegant look. The banquet theme and the decoration should complement each other. As you keep on reading you will have the basic know-how of the banquet decorations.

Banquet Décor

Hang the posters and pictures in the banquet hall that go well with your banquet theme. Fresh flowers render energy to your guests, so use seasonal fresh and colorful flowers that will add fragrance and color to the hall. It is best if you use the flowers of colors which match the theme. You can always show your creativity by tying and hanging them in different styles.


Obviously, you are not going to let your guests stand for hours and hours. Make use of chairs that are decorated in such a manner that it harmonizes with your theme. Generally, banquet halls are well equipped with unattractive folding chairs made of metal. By decorating them, you can hide the actual appearance of the chairs and make them a comfortable place to rest upon.

Make use of fabrics like denim or cotton and end up with a bow tied on the back. The sofa on which you are going to sit at the time of your wedding must give you comfort, as you are going to sit there for long hours. The physical appearance of the sofa should be unique, so that it captures every sight. Let the sofa decoration compel them to say Wow!


How can one forget about decorating the Stage in the banquet hall? The newly wedded couple is going to be on the stage and all the guest’s will be looking right at them. Don’t let your guest murmur about the bad decoration of your stage. Add your creativity as much as you can and make it look in such a manner that automatically a single word comes out of their mouth, i.e. Awesome! Give it a stunning as well as gentle look.


Too harsh lights may destroy your whole effort. Make sure that the lighting you are installing does not make your guests uncomfortable. Eye soothing lights should be used.