Adding the Dash and Splash to the Wedding with Band, Ghori and Baggi

Wedding venue booked, trousseau shopping complete, wedding invitations distributed, decor finalized, caterer confirmed; and to add some thrill to the wedding, varmala theme has also been planned! But does that make your wedding preparation complete? Indeed, no ;because no Indian wedding can ever be complete without the ear deafening music bands for wedding in delhi, bejewelled ghori and all-adorned floral baggis in Delhi.

When you dress up like an emperor and walk smartly as all eyes are on you; why not call up wedding bands in delhi to take a ride on a well-dressed mare or be carried by a decorated chariot to boast your ascendancy to the world?

The most exciting part of the Baraat is calling the ghori walas for wedding in delhi and dancing in front of the all-decked up Ghori the Dulha Raja rides. And if he decides to ride a baggi or rath, it becomes even more special. Bands for wedding in delhi make it all the more enjoyable with their shrilling tunes on some of the most popular wedding songs. After all, how could the baraat be complete without tapping the feet to the tunes of our ages old, yet young- ‘aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai’!!